Freedom with a Pinch of Karma



‘Tis the Season


And so it goes…
I’ve been inconsistently munching my way through gluten-ous crackers, pasta and I even ate a donut last week. Drinking the occasional coffee, too. I’m not gaining (yet), but I’m not losing. I’m fairly certain the chances of me reaching my goal this summer are being swallowed up along with the rest of it. My yoga pass expired yesterday, too. I’m even dragging my feet getting my supplements organized for the week ahead!

On a more positive note, I’ve been selling stuff on a local Facebook tag sale site. It’s a positive step towards the cleaning out and eventually selling of my home.

I suppose what strikes me most is how diligent I must be, staying focused and keeping my eye on the prize. My attention certainly has been wandering.

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Splash of Color

Weight Chart

Weight Chart

Created a little weight chart for myself.  I have it posted on my kitchen cabinet right where I stand when I make coffee in the morning.  Am hoping it will provide some motivation and a positive reminder of my progress.  My hub wants one too, just not so big as he wont be pulling out the watercolors when he drops weight…