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I’m feeling  G  O  O  D ! ! !
No school yesterday, so I started catching up on myriad neglected chores and projects~this blog being one of them. Went to the farm and wandered around, picking out items that looked good to me and appealed to my taste buds. By the time I left I had a plan to make my first “pot-‘o-hot.”  Tomatillos, bacon (uncured/no nitrates), red and yellow cherry tomatoes, cilantro, navy beans, onion and garlic, all simmering together into one pot of deliciousness…Mmm.mmm.good.
It was a cozy, grey day. My kind of day.

Been out camping the past two weekends, this last weekend for reunion at my old summer camp. Hung out with some old friends, singing around the campfire. Found a ‘time capsule’ (really just a paper) my friend and I had written back in 1985 in the rafters of one of the cabins. I only remembered it because I had photographed my friend placing it there, and recalled the picture. Wish we had written more. Nonetheless it was thrilling finding it. Apparently the roof is slated to be ripped off and replaced in a couple of weeks. Our capsule would have been lost forever if we hadn’t retrieved it when we did! Great fun.

Finally saw Fed Up. It was good, but not as good as I had hoped. The best part was watching it with my son who seemed pretty moved by it.  The comparison between tobacco execs spouting lies twenty years ago and food industry execs doing the same today about sugar was pretty poignant. Sugar assaults us daily. It’s only with steadfast determination that any person in this day and age can stay away from it.

Got a call today from my endocrinologist’s office. My doctor wants me to double my dose of thyroid medication. I’m all for it. Have started to run out of some of my supplements. This will be my first reorder. It seems significant to me to be going for a second round. Like it means I’m really doing this, this health thing. I’ve been observing my conversations of late. The enthusiasm spouting from my mouth about cutting out sugar, and coffee, and gluten, eating whole foods, and taking vitamins. Holy moly, I hardly recognize myself.  I’m a child of the 70s!!!  I grew up on tv dinners and wonder bread! I was a smoker until three years ago! I’m a sicko!!!  Slap me, wouldja?!

And pass me another glass of that Kool-aid.


3 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Mel Onpants says:

    Not gonna slap ya, but I’ll take a shot too!


  2. Hi Amanda 🙂 Oh. my, you’re giving up coffee? It’s my one and only vice and I hold it very dear. LOL! I’m sure you’ll be much better at it than I am. Giving up sugar was easy for me after blood work determined that I was borderline diabetic. I don’t want to mess with that! Nine months with virtually no sugar has my glucose levels within the normal range.
    I’m a child of the 70s too, but my mother was a health nut, so I never had Wonder Bread or Kool Aide growing up. I didn’t even find out about Kraft Mac and Cheese until I was in college. You were a lucky kid to get Kool-Aide!
    I’ll be interested in finding out some of your gluten free recipes. My best friend of 33 years ( like a sister), was just diagnose with celiac disease after a lifetime of really bad digestive problems. Finally, she’s beginning to feel some relief after two months with no gluten.
    Good luck with your lifestyle change–it’s exciting! 🙂


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