Buh-bye, Wheat!


And coffee, too!

Did you know I’m a coffee snob?  Only the darkest roast, black, cup o’ java for me.
Three or four a day, actually.
Yet here I sit,
day 1
with no coffee
day 1 being gluten-free.

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


This is when the fun begins. I’ve just had my second visit with the naturopath~been scrutinized, analyzed, vitalized, and traumatized. Had me a big drink of Kool-Aid, and 24 hours later, diarrhea, headache, fatigue. You get the picture.  Although I only have a mild resistance to gluten on one test, my thyroid and other measures of who-knows-what, are screaming for me to cut out the wheat.

So, while I anxiously await my copy of the Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis, and my $200+ of supplements to be delivered, I am actually getting a smidge excited about such deprivation.

This is how desperately I want to feel better.


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3 thoughts on “Buh-bye, Wheat!

  1. FatnForty says:

    Giving up two things at once is hard. I switched to decaf coffee several years ago (also for medical reasons). It took almost three months before I was ok with it. Now I don’t even bother with the decaf most days. For me, wheat was easier to kick. Add high fiber while grains ( like brown rice) and lean proteins and you won’t miss it after a few days.


    • Amanda says:

      There’s a lot more it was suggested I give up: Limes (no way), black pepper(!), Romaine Lettuce, mango, to name a few. Wheat and coffee are biggies for me, so I’m starting there and not worrying about the rest for now. Eating whole foods/no processed foods all summer will likely make my transition easier.

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