The Downer of an Up Number

weight_scaleWhen I step on the scale, and it shows a loss, I stare in disbelief while a giddy feeling rises in my tummy. Inevitably when I step on the scale three or four days later, the loss seems to vanish with even an extra pound or two to remind me the fat wants to stick around. That giddy feeling? Replaced with a sinking dread that I never want to step on the scale again. The hell with it.

You may recall my earlier “Pssst,” post where I broke the 200 lb. mark. I posted in my moment of giddiness. The scale reading did not happen on a Monday, so I didn’t post it to my “The Numbers” page. A week later I was up to 201 lbs. I was deflated. So I didn’t weigh myself again until this morning (down to 196.5). I’m happy, but I’m thinking of foregoing the weekly (or more) weigh-ins. I recall a blog post from someone who weighs in only once a month, especially to avoid the downer of the scale. This makes sense to me. I’m four months into this journey of healthy eating. I seem to be averaging a loss of about 5 lbs. a month. I think I can confidently move forward without checking the scale so much.

The downer of an up number isn’t worth it.

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4 thoughts on “The Downer of an Up Number

  1. cassiazoe says:

    I struggle with being scale-obsessed, so I really enjoyed this post. I KNOW that the numbers can fluctuate day to day and week to week even while overall I’m still moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, reason is often still sleeping while emotions are whispering, “Just check real quick. It’ll be ok.” HA!


    • Amanda says:

      Love that~ …whispering emotions…
      To make matters worse, I finally hooked up my ‘smart’ scale (that I’ve had for two years). It now sends data to my app every time I weigh myself! I hopped off quickly the other day because it looked like the number was going in the wrong direction! That ought to teach me!

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      • cassiazoe says:

        Which smart scale did you get? As a fitbit user I’ve been mooning over the Aria for over a year, but haven’t taken the plunge. Do you like you’re scale, now that you’re using it?


  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Cassiazoe. Couldn’t reply until I got home from a weekend away so I could see the name of the scale! It’s Withings (I think). My mom got it for me as a gift a few years ago, and I didn’t get it connected until a few weeks ago. I’m rather neutral about it. And I’m sure I haven’t scratched the surface of what it can do for me. I have definitely been contemplating getting a Fitbit, though. But I think my Withings app turns my smart phone into a gizmo that counts steps…I just need to give all of this technology some of my attention.


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