One day at a time

One thing is for sure, time marches on.
Being a nostalgic, too-attached person, this fact can make me a bit weepy. But in reality, I view it as a wonderful thing. And it’s especially great news for weight loss. One day turns into another, into another, into a week, two weeks, a month, and before you know it a year is gone, and hopefully as well, a bunch of weight to go with it!

That’s what I’ve been thinking about lately. As you know, my goal is to be under 150 lbs. by the time I turn 50 next July.  I’ve pretty much settled into this wholesome way of eating now. Even the gluten-free part is a piece of cake (lol). The sugar and flour are out of my house, I visit our local farm two or three times a week, and I’m a label reader. Better yet, I hardly ever have cravings! I have no desire to eat any other way. And so, if I can keep it up, the weight will continue to drop, and time will march on. In some twisted way, I am looking forward to my birthday like as if it’s my due date!

Being a teacher, a “year” is really a condensed, carefully plotted and planned ten months. There are always these smaller increments of time we are marching towards–first day of school, back-to-school night, Halloween, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, February break, April vacation, Memorial Day, last day of school, SUMMER! It’s a whirlwind. And this year, I am so much looking forward to a healthier, more vibrant ME as I transform myself over the course of this school year.

But the season of sugar is fast-approaching. What is your plan for staying healthy throughout the onslaught of temptation over the next few months? I for one, plan to keep the candy out. I want to make a plan with my son for Halloween. I’m thinking something along the lines of paying him cash for candy. I won’t be getting any trick-or-treaters as we live on a street where the houses are few and far between, so no pressure there. Thanksgiving will be much more tempting for me. I figure it’s prudent to have a plan and it’s time to start thinking about it. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great Columbus Day weekend.
I think I’ll put on a pot of soup this beautiful Autumn Sunday.



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3 thoughts on “Time

  1. I think I’m pretty lucky this Halloween. My kids are all adults, so I don’t have the pressure of taking them trick-or-treating. I also don’t feel obligated to give out candy, since I don’t even know most of the kids in my neighborhood now. My porch light will be off and my house will stay candy free!
    For Thanksgiving, I’m having family and friends over who have been a great support system to me as I’ve lost weight. We’ve already began planning healthy dishes and low calorie desserts. The time I’m most concerned about is Christmas. My daughters LOVE to bake cookies and I love to eat them! They’ve already said they aren’t going to make as many as usual. I’m just going to have to stand strong!
    My weight loss doctor believes that a cheat day is fine every once in a while, so I’ll most likely enjoy a nice dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I’ll be sending everyone home with leftovers, so I’m not tempted to pig out the next day!


    • Amanda says:

      Having support from family and friends is oh-so important. Sounds like you have a good plan! I’m hoping to get some clarification from my naturopath this week about “cheating” on a gluten-free diet. From what I’ve been able to surmise, even a crumb of gluten sends the armies (antibodies) out and plays havoc with our digestion and our autoimmune system. I hope to gauge how detrimental a cheat would be to my health, gluten-wise.

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      • My best friend has celiac disease. She can’t cheat at all. Like you’ve said, even a crumb of gluten starts the immune response and causes her vomiting and diarrhea for days afterwards. Knowing how sick she gets, I’d be a little afraid to cheat. 🙂


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